A message from Kymberleigh Richards

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has decided not to reappoint me to the Metro San Fernando Valley Service Council, ending 11 years of my service to the City and to Metro.

Obviously, I disagree with his decision, but it was his to make. However, his decision, coupled with a general reevaluation of my life after a serious accident I suffered on July 22, have culminated in a decision on my part to curtail my public transportation advocacy efforts.

It has been difficult enough to effect change from within the bureaucracy, and it was always much more difficult for me to have an influence on the politics that drive Metro's decision-making process from the outside prior to my appointment to the Council in 2003. Therefore, I am not going to expend precious time and energy to continue those efforts.

I leave with pride, knowing that I did make a difference for transit patrons in Los Angeles County, especially those who reside in the San Fernando Valley. My only regret is that the Mayor's decision leaves me unable to accomplish more.

This also means I have no reason to continue updating the Transit Insider website, although I will leave it up as-is so long as my friend Hank Fung allows me to use his server to do so.

As Edward R. Murrow used to close his broadcasts on CBS back in the golden age of journalism ... Good night, and good luck.

Kymberleigh Richards
September 12, 2014

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