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MOS-2B Red Line Logo Although the then-pending transit zone application forced the implementation of the San Fernando Valley Transit Restructuring Study to be suspended, MTA staff was still able to make changes to Valley Metro Bus service around the opening of Metro Red Line service. Some minor changes were made for Red Line Segment 2B -- to Lines 163, 418, and 420 -- on June 6, 1999; changes to Lines 424-425, 427, and 522 were prevented by political interference by MTA director Hal Bernson. Extensive changes were made to several lines on June 26, 2000 for Red Line Segment 3 (although changes to Line 230 were blocked by the Bus Riders Union and changes to Line 418 were blocked by MTA director Jaime de la Vega).

MOS-3 Red Line LogoIt should be noted that no changes were made to LADOT lines around Metro Red Line service, although proposals were made for four of their lines which operate close to Red Line service (shown on the original MOS-3 sketch plans).

Line 413 was proposed to be restructured into Line 364, providing limited-stop service on Victory Blvd. between Warner Center and North Hollywood Station. It was cancelled August 1, 2010 due to funding constraints, having lost ridership over the previous decade to the Metro Orange Line and Line 363.

Line 419 was proposed to be shortened to terminate at North Hollywood Station and renumbered Line 519.

Lines 422-423 were proposed to make off-freeway stops at Universal City Station. LADOT subsequently proposed a change to Line 423, to have been implemented August 2, 1999, but delayed pending MOS-3 (and still not implemented).

Line 549 was proposed to make an off-freeway stop at North Hollywood Station.

The only one of these changes implemented by LADOT thus far is the realignment of Line 549, which didn't take effect until February 12, 2007. (Seven years, it turns out, is considered "expedited" at LADOT.)

Line 96 (Sherman Oaks - Burbank - L.A. Zoo - Downtown L.A.)

Line 152 (Vineland Ave. - Roscoe Blvd. - Fallbrook Ave. - Burbank)

Line 154 (Tampa Ave. - Oxnard St. - Burbank Blvd.)

Line 163 (Sherman Way - Hollywood Way)

Line 166 (Nordhoff St. - Lankershim Blvd.)

Line 183 (Magnolia Blvd. - Burbank - Glendale)

Line 201 (Silverlake Blvd.)

Line 230 (Laurel Canyon Blvd.)

Line 418 (Canoga Park - Downtown L.A. Express)

Line 420 (Van Nuys Blvd. - Burbank Blvd. - Hollywood)

Lines 424-425 (Ventura Blvd. Express)

Line 426 (Sherman Way - Victory Blvd. - Hollywood Express)

Line 427 (West Hills Express)

Line 522 (Reseda Blvd. - Ventura Blvd. Express)

The staff reports on the MOS-2B and MOS-3 service change programs included summaries of public comment on the proposed changes.

Red Line TrainNorth Hollywood Station Entrance
Metro Red Line LogoThe full Metro Rail system includes the Metro Blue Line, Metro Gold Line and Metro Green Line.
An extension of the Metro Gold Line to the Eastside (replacing the suspended Metro Red Line extension) began operation November 15, 2009; the Expo Line to Culver City began operation April 28, 2012 and the second phase to the Westside is presently under construction. The Crenshaw/LAX Line is expected to begin construction by mid-2014 and will eventually incorporate an extension of the Green Line to South Bay Galleria.

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