Damn The Yellow Shirts!

It absolutely astounds me that the BRU continues to use the consent decree as a bludgeon against the MTA. They know there is a budget crisis. They have had it explained to them countless times that money earmarked for specific projects by Sacramento and Washington cannot be moved to bus purchases and operations. They have been told in no uncertain terms that sales tax revenue earmarked for the municipal operators, highway projects, Metrolink, etc., cannot, by law, be taken by the MTA for buses.

Yet they continue to whine and file complaints with the Special Master and applaud with delight when they "win".

I have yet to see any member of the BRU in the hallways of the State Capitol in Sacramento or on Capitol Hill in Washington, lobbying for increased funding for transportation. Instead, they concentrate on attacking the MTA, without regard for where the money will come from to implement their "victories".

Oh, that's right, they think everything else MTA has a legal obligation to disburse funds for can be raided to pay for it. Jerks.

On the off chance the BRU's "organizers" pay any attention to what I write, here's a scenario you haven't contemplated: You will be responsible for MTA spending itself into bankruptcy. And that means one of two things ... either service stops altogether, or the State Legislature steps in and creates a new agency -- one that would not be bound by your precious consent decree -- to pick up the pieces.

I'd like to see how many of the BRU's organizers can find real jobs when that "accomplishment" precedes them on their resumés.

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