Top Ten List for Passengers

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Top Ten Things Transit Passengers Don't Seem To "Get":

#10: You should have gotten the fare out of your pocket while you were standing at the stop waiting, not when you are on the bus standing in front of the farebox

#9: Bus drivers haven't made change since 1969, so asking them if they do is pointless

#8: It shouldn't be so hard to remember what pocket you put your daypass in, since you only got it this morning

#7: The sign above the bus windshield actually does tell you what number the bus is

#6: If you have to ask the driver "where do you go?" this probably isn't the bus you wanted

#5: If you have to ask the driver "do you stop at ...?" this also probably isn't the bus you wanted

#4: The bus stop is where the sign is, not where you happen to be standing

#3: If the bus has already closed the door and pulled away from the curb, you missed it; you can stop running for it now

#2: The bus driver can't hear you shouting "Wait!" from across the street, over all that traffic noise

And the #1 thing transit passengers don't seem to "get" ...
The reason you missed the connecting bus is that you made this one a minute late because you didn't understand at least one of the above items!

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