Now, I don't want to get off on a rant here, but ...

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In the great tradition of Dennis Miller, I am adding my rants against impediments of well-run mass transit.

You can select a rant from the index below, or use the Back and Next icons at the bottom of the rants to move back and forth between them in chronological order.

Just as I don't write op-ed articles or letters to the editor every month, I don't necessarily write rants every month, but when I need to make a point about something, it'll likely end up here.

Of course, these rants are just my opinions. I could be wrong.


Gloating, With Rhetoric (November, 2012)

Muddying The Waters (March, 2012)

How To Ride The Bus (January, 2011)

Just Say "No" (to the BRU) (April, 2010)

The Sky Is Falling! (February, 2009)

Santayana Was Right (November, 2008)

I Hate To Say "I Told You So" But ... I Told You So (August, 2008)

Popular Misconceptions (July, 2008)

It's Not Over Until the Fat Lady Lawyers Sing (April, 2008)

Bus Stop Shelter Reality (March, 2008)

Top Ten List for Passengers (July, 2006)

Wendell, You're Stuck in the 20th Century (June, 2006)

How Self-Centered Can You Get? (June, 2005)

Never Underestimate the Potential for Cluelessness (February, 2005)

Journalistic Bias (November, 2004)

Damn The Yellow Shirts! (June, 2004)

Comparing Poppies and Oranges (February, 2004)

Fair Fares (May, 2003)

The Argument In Favor Of Rail (February, 2003)

Secession, Schmesssion (October, 2002)

Just The Facts, Charles (August, 2002)

BRU Top Ten List (March, 2002)

Who's In Charge Here? (January, 2002)

Appelate Courts vs. Reality (September, 2001)

Consent Decree Orphans (August, 2001)

BRU Consent Decree (April, 2001)

East-West Valley Busway (March, 2001)

Snap Legal Decisions (November, 2000)

Transit Workers' Strike (October, 2000)

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