BRU Consent Decree

(Based on e-mail to MTA board chairman Yvonne Braithwaite Burke after the April 26, 2001 board meeting.)

The more I think about it, the more encouraged I am by Supervisor Burke's statement to Eric Mann that their demand to speak on the issue of free student passes would be the "last time" the BRU would force items onto the agenda in the guise of "public comment".

As I pointed out in my most recent Los Angeles Times op-ed article, the BRU has a habit of claiming the consent decree covers any and all perceived deficiencies in the Metro System. My own evaluation of the consent decree and MTA's efforts to comply with it shows that -- for example -- the Authority has increased its fleet size since 1996 by more than the number called for in the consent decree and the additional 250 buses the BRU continues to demand. In total.

The BRU demands fare decreases but they agreed to the current fares in the consent decree. I repeat: They agreed. And I cannot find any semblance of reason in their blocking fare increases allowed by the consent decree.

If the BRU wants to live by the consent decree, then Ms. Burke is justified, in my opinion, to reject any demands by them falling outside of it.

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