BRU Consent Decree
New Service Plan - Pilot Project Lines

The consent decree between MTA and the Labor/Community Strategy Center (also known as the Bus Riders Union) called for the creation of new service and modifications of some lines to improve service.

New Service Plan Pilot Program Map

Six of the lines in the consent decree New Service Plan pilot program were within the San Fernando Valley. Two of the implemented lines (218 and 603) were new lines; one line (422) was a reverse-direction version of LADOT Line 423; and one (167) was an existing line that had modifications made to it. All were implemented at various dates in February, 1998 (see individual line pages for precise implementation dates).

Two lines were never implemented: Line 530 (which was delayed for a variety of reasons, then removed from the program in favor of making Metro Rapid the final portion of the New Service Plan) and Line 426 (which was put on hold shortly before its scheduled 1998 implementation, then removed from the program after the line was cutback to North Hollywood Station in 2003).

Line 167 (Coldwater Canyon Ave. - Plummer St.)

Line 218 (West Hollywood - Studio City Shuttle)

Line 422 (Thousand Oaks - Warner Center - Downtown L.A. Express)

Line 426 (Sherman Way - Victory Blvd. - Hollywood Express)

Line 530 (Panorama City - East Los Angeles Express)

Line 603 (Rampart - Hoover - Glendale Galleria Shuttle)

As shown on the map above, there were New Service Plan lines in other parts of the Metro System, seven of which were also implemented in February, 1998:
Line 604 (Vermont Ave. Checkpoint Deviation Service) was actually the first line of the pilot program; it was operated by LADOT from June 29, 1997 until the "Smart Shuttle" demonstration program began in October of that year. It continued to operate under that program until September, 2001, when the program's funding ran out.

Three additional lines were implemented in 2000:
Line 577 (El Monte - Long Beach Express), the last of the proposed lines, was implemented December 18, 2005. When proposed, it operated only to Cerritos Town Center, but when implemented it operated to the Long Beach V.A. Hospital, also serving the southern end of the Cal State Long Beach campus. It was extended to the Long Beach Transit Mall June 24, 2007; that extension was cancelled June 26, 2011. A six-month demonstration project to serve Rio Hondo College in Whittier was implemented December 16, 2013.

Metro completed the implementation of 25 Metro Rapid lines in June 2008 as the final portion of the New Service Plan.

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