Metro Liner
60-foot "Metro Liner" articulated bus, used on the Metro Orange Line


As part of the implementation of new Metro Liner service along the Orange Line busway, Metro San Fernando Valley made a number of service changes to Metro Local lines to improve station interface, reduce duplication along parallel corridors and reallocate resources to provide new or improved services.

Most of the changes were implemented on June 26, 2005; the changes to Lines 156 and 167 were made on October 30, 2005 (concurrent with the Orange Line starting operation).

(For the subsequent extension of the Orange Line to Chatsworth Station, see the June 17, 2012 service change program.)


Service Change Proposals by Line Number:

Line 150 (Ventura Blvd. - Warner Center - Canoga Park)
Line 154 (Tampa Ave. - Ventura Blvd. - Burbank Blvd. - Oxnard St.)
Line 156 (Panorama City - Van Nuys - L.A. City College)
Line 161 (Thousand Oaks - Canoga Park)
Line 167 (Plummer St. - Coldwater Canyon Ave. )
Line 168 (Lassen St. - Paxton St.)
Line 183 (Magnolia Blvd. - Kenneth Rd. - E. Colorado St.)
Line 230 (Laurel Canyon Blvd.)
Line 236 (Balboa Blvd. - Sylmar)
Line 240 (Ventura Blvd. - Reseda Blvd.)
Line 243 (De Soto Ave. - Ventura Blvd. - Winnetka Ave.)
Line 245 (Topanga Canyon Blvd. - Mulholland Dr. - Valley Circle Blvd.)
Line 418 (Roscoe Blvd. - Laurel Canyon Blvd. Limited)
Line 901 (Metro Orange Line)
Study Line S-1 (Reseda Blvd. - Orange Line Busway - Sepulveda Blvd. - Westwood)
Study Line S-643 (Pierce College Shuttle)


Line 734 (Sepulveda Blvd. Metro Rapid), which was to have been implemented in June, was delayed one year; the original proposal was to operate it during weekday peak-hours only, with a reduction in the number of Line 234 local trips. The revised proposal delayed the implementation in order to operate it all day, without a significant reduction of local service. As implemented, Line 734 does not operate weekend service.

Metro San Gabriel Valley also made changes to Line 201 on December 18, 2005.


Summary of Public Comment (from the Metro SFV staff report): Metro San Fernando Valley patrons and community organizations take a very active role in addressing concerns regarding bus service in their area. The public hearing process provided a forum for Governance Council members and staff to receive a substantial amount of feedback on all of the service change proposals. Many respondents were opposed to various changes and provided alternate proposals. In other cases, respondents offered minor modifications to staff’s proposal. Some provided support by validating low ridership on unproductive lines and line segments.

Miscellaneous Comments and [Staff Responses]:
Congressman Brad Sherman: Urged re-evaluation of the recommendation to discontinue bus service along several routes in the San Fernando Valley and to seek alternatives to save current routes without having to discontinue service altogether. [In consideration of public comment and budgetary constraints, recommended service change program removes many route cancellation proposals to ensure that passenger impacts are mitigated and routes are not discontinued altogether.]
Bus Riders Union: Statement that MTA is raiding 60,000 bus hours systemwide to pour into a construction project, San Fernando Valley portion is 11,000 bus hours. Urged Governance Council to take leadership role to ensure that resources are not reallocated to the Orange Line at the expense of regular service. [The Consent Decree does not prohibit Metro from managing the bus system to ensure efficient and effective operations. Efforts have been taken to minimize impacts to riders affected by recommended proposals.]
Valley Village Neighborhood Council: Passed motion (12-0-1) requesting that service changes be implemented when the Orange Line is operational. [Staff is currently working on a program to implement the majority of service changes with the start-up of Metro Liner service.]
Other comments: Need last bus information on bus stop signs and telephone information hours extended. [This is not recommended due to budgetary constraints.] Notices on only 20% of buses. [Information deemed to be adequate since take-ones were available on buses, through Customer Relations and on the Metro website; Daily News wrote article on hearing day.] Concern about 43 at-grade crossing on Orange Line in light of what happened on Metrolink, add Orange Line Stations at White Oak and Coldwater Canyon. [Not part of hearing: Referred to San Fernando Valley Area Team.]

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