Letter to the editor, Los Angeles Times, June 14, 2003

Re "Valley's Silver Bullet Hits Mark" (June 8): What kind of person is proud of twice forcing businesses into bankruptcy? Even if one is opposed to a developer's proposal, it is unconscionable, in my view, to deliberately undertake actions that force a developer to ruin. To gloat about it afterward is unforgivable. Granted, there was a part of the Ventura Freeway corridor proposal that would upset any homeowner bordering the freeway, and I will not restate the usual rhetoric of "you knew the freeway was there when you moved in."

It is obvious that further research needs to be done to reduce congestion on the 101 Freeway, including future options on the Chandler Boulevard corridor beyond the forthcoming busway for the Metro Rapid. But [Gerald] Silver needs to tone down his bullying tactics before a revised proposal is considered. One wonders how the majority of Encino residents feel about his "representing" their interests. I know I would not be pleased.

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