Letter to the editor, Daily News, December 18, 2006
(Written as Chair of the Metro San Fernando Valley Governance council in response to an earlier letter in the Daily News criticizing new schedules for Metro Line 233.)

The replacement of our existing 40-foot buses on Van Nuys Boulevard with 60-foot buses allows us to rethink the way we allocate our service. We have, in the past, been unable to schedule enough service in rush hour to properly handle the higher demand of that time period, but by using larger buses we can move some midday service hours - keeping the same capacity in midday - to rush hour, dramatically improving capacity at that busier time.

Yes, there will be a slightly longer wait in the middle of the day, but the improvement in rush-hour service is worth the trade-off. I agree, though, that we speak too often in "bureaucratese" rather than passenger-friendly English. I promise that we will improve in this regard as well.

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