Letter to the editor, Daily News, August 20, 2002
(The full version of this letter, which was a response to a rebuttal of my August 4 op-ed article, appears in my Rants section.)

Regarding Charles Thomas' August 11 Public Forum rebuttal of my August 5 Viewpoint article:

Thomas needs to get his facts straight. The restructuring study he calls a "complete and utter failure'' was not dropped by the MTA. It was updated in 1997 and partially included in the bus/rail interface plan of 2000.

To his statement that I offer little in suggesting improvements: I contributed significantly to the original study in 1994, as well as two detailed updates since then and the bus/rail interface plan. Thomas has spent considerable energy attempting to convince the MTA staff to discontinue the Vineland Avenue bus line's three-block detour to serve the North Hollywood Station. I do not claim to have all the answers; I advocate only the revisiting and revision of the study.

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