Letter to the editor, Daily News, April 25, 2003
(Portions of my original letter omitted from publication are highlighted in underlined italics.)

Bruce Roberts (letter to the editor, April 21) loses his bet that the "so-called San Fernando Valley board has never once ridden the 561/233/156 lines down Van Nuys Boulevard, either in the morning or evening rush hours".

Long before being appointed to the Metro San Fernando Valley governance council, I was a daily user of MTA service (and I have a stack of monthly passes dating back to 1991 to prove it). In fact, my long time experience with the Valley's service was one of my qualifications for appointment.

I am very familiar with the service on Van Nuys Boulevard. My place of employment is along the route of the lines Roberts mentions and I have observed on a daily basis the problems with on-time performance of these lines. And he is correct in his observation that the service in the Valley is adversely affected by route segments outside of the Valley.

The governance council, being officially seated for less than one month at this point, has not yet had the chance to deal with this issue, but Roberts (and all of MTA's passengers in the Valley) may rest assured that on-time performance of our service is a priority for our councilmembers -- especially myself -- and we will do everything possible to make it "better on the bus".

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