Don't let the Reason Foundation railroad us

Letter to the editor, Daily News, April 18, 2013

The Reason Foundation is notoriously anti-rail. They have opposed rail projects nationwide, including Florida, Hawaii, Ohio, Wisconsin, and virtually every rail line built in Los Angeles ("If bullet train is built, a taxpayer bailout may be needed, study says," April 10). It therefore comes as no surprise that they would condemn the high speed rail project. Wendell Cox, the co-author of the report, is even more vehemently anti-rail than the Foundation -- if that's possible -- and makes his living consulting organizations opposed to rail projects.

Paradoxically, he was a member of the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission when it approved construction of the Metro Blue Line, which has the second highest ridership of all light rail lines in the U.S., second only to Boston's Green Line (which has had 90 more years of operation to build ridership). When deciding whether or not the Reason Foundation's report is credible, one must consider the source ... and the author.

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