Letter to the editor, Daily News, January 13, 1999

The Reason Public Policy Institute once again is defying all logic and common sense in its recommendations.

While we can all agree that buses will always remain important to the overall transit network, the MTA has proved, and continues to prove, that an integrated rail system moves people at a lower operating cost per passenger, and it would be foolhardy for the agency to totally abandon future possibilities to expand the Metro Rail system once its financial problems are solved.

I believe the CalTrans spokeswoman quoted in your article answers the question of the viability of toll lanes on existing freeways quite well. There is no room to place them on the corridors with high volume without removing an existing lane of traffic, and anyone who thinks that would work apparently has forgotten the ill-fated attempt to add diamond lanes to the Santa Monica Freeway 20 years ago.

If the Reason Institute lived up to its name, it would have more of a real-world focus in its pronouncements.

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