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Agencies & Transportation Companies

The official site of America's rail transportation agency.

Amtrak California
Information on Amtrak service within California (operated by a partnership of Amtrak and CalTrans).

Burbank Bus
Maps and schedules for the City of Burbank's shuttle bus routes. (Formerly known as Burbank Local Transit)

California High Speed Rail Authority
Information on California's efforts to create a high speed rail system between Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Sacramento.

California Shuttle Bus
Express bus service between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

CalTrans Highway Conditions
Current status of California highways, courtesy of CalTrans.

Culver City Bus
Information on Westside bus service operated by the city of Culver City.

Glendale Beeline
Timetables for Glendale's shuttle system and link to NextBus real-time arrival information.

Official site of America's best-known nationwide bus system.

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro)
Metro is the primary transit agency for Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT)
The City of Los Angeles' municipal transit department; LADOT operates peak-hour commuter and all-day neighborhood shuttle bus routes.

Discount fare bus line serving the Bay Area and Las Vegas from Union Station.

Commuter rail system operated in five counties by the Southern California Regional Rail Authority.

Pasadena Area Rapid Transit System (ARTS)
City of Pasadena transit service, interfacing with Metro and Foothill Transit.

Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus
Big Blue Bus service on the Westside.

Simi Valley Transit
The City of Simi Valley's transit division. Provides service Monday through Saturday between Chatsworth and Simi Valley as well as three routes within the city.

UCLA Transportation Services
Primarily for use by UCLA students, this site gives information on university-operated shuttle services in and around the campus and Westside.

Ventura Intercity Service Transit Authority (VISTA)
Operates intercity service within Ventura County, including one commuter route to Warner Center.


Valley Transit Timetables


Non-Profit Transit Advocacy Organizations

California Public Interest Research Group (CALPIRG)
Consumer-oriented research and advocacy organization with a strong involvement in public transit issues.

Center for Transportation Excellence
Non-partisan policy research center providing strategies and other forms of support on the benefits of public transportation.

Center for Urban Transportation Research
Resource for developing innovative, implementable solutions to transportation problems.

Community Transportation Association
Organization bringing a "quality of life" factor to public and community transportation's future.

FAST: Fixing Angelenos Stuck in Traffic
Non-profit organization promoting the optimization of transit infrastructure and use of public transit.

Friends 4 Expo Transit
Website promoting the development of the Exposition Blvd. rail corridor for light rail transit.

Light Rail Transit Association
Information and campaigning about better public transport through trams, tramways, streetcars and light rail transit systems.

Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative
Organization helping to improve transit access in transit-dependent urban neighborhoods.

Mineta Transportation Institute
Research and education on international surface transportation policy issues.

Modern Transit Society
Bay Area/Sacramento-based transit advocacy organization.

National Alliance of Public Transportation Advocates
National organization of local transit coalitions supporting increased federal investment in public transportation; has frequent legislative updates.

Rail Passenger Association of California (RailPAC)
Non-profit organization dedicated to promoting travel by rail in California.

Coalition dedicated to building livable communities with transit, through education, advocacy and increasing overall federal, state and local funds available for transit.

Southern California Transit Advocates
Non-profit transit advocacy and public policy review organization.

Surface Transportation Policy Partnership
Organization dedicated to the reform of transportation policy.

The Transit Coalition
Organization advocating a balance of bus, subway, commuter rail, and light railt ransportation in the region. (Includes former Friends of the Red Line website.)

All-volunteer Los Angeles non-profit that conducts educational, one day trips for kids using the public transit system.


Smart Growth & Environmental Organizations

Carfree Cities
Website proposing a variety of urban scenarios without automobiles.

Compass Blueprint
Project of the Southern California Association of Governments to obtain public input for growth planning guidelines.

Delirious LA
Essays, photos, and other resources regarding Los Angeles architecture, urban design, transit-oriented development, and smart growth.

Planning and Conservation League
Environmental organization with strong transportation agenda.

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
Organization dedicated to creating a nationwide network of public trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors.

Reconnecting America
Non-profit organization working to build connections between transportation and the community throught transit-oriented development.

Sierra Club Angeles Chapter
Direct link to the transportation page of the local Sierra Club chapter.

Transportation Planning Capacity Building Program
U.S. Dept. of Transportation program to help state and local transportation staff, as well as community organizations, build transportation capacity in the face of political, social, economic, and environmental demands.


Transit Industry Organizations & Publications

American Public Transportation Association
International organization representing the transit industry.

California Transit Association
A non-profit organization advocating use of public transportation and legislation to better enable the transit industry to serve the public.

Caltrans News & Public Information Center
Links to various documents at the state Department of Transportation, including the California Transportation Journal magazine.

Journal of Public Transportation
Quarterly journal dealing with research and case studies on public transportation and related policy issues.

Los Angeles Transportation Headlines
Archive for the Metro transportation news links which appear under "Media Watch" on our front page.

Mass Transit
Transit industry publication; includes transit news, event coverage, system profiles.

Publication for the bus and passenger rail industries, including both public transit systems and private bus operators.

Progressive Railroading
Rail transportation professionals' information hub.

Public Transportation: Wherever Life Takes You
Official site of the transit industry's public awareness and education campaign.

Rapid Transit Press
Small press publisher of various books and other publications dealing with transit history.

Job listings, career information, news and commentary for the transit bus, passenger rail and motorcoach industries.

Transportation Communications Newsletter
Free daily e-mail publication which provides news and information related to all aspects of communications in the transportation field. Website has archives of all e-mailings.

Western Transit
Western Transit covers news of city, suburban and charter bus and rail operations in the western U.S., along with rosters of equipment in use by various agencies.


Transportation History

California Highways
Information related to California highways and California highway history ... fascinating and thorough!

Electric Railway Historical Association
Information on the history of electrified rail systems in the Los Angeles region.

Motor Bus Society
Information about the history and development of the bus industry.

Orange Empire Railway Museum
Information on this museum dedicated to the preservation of vintage rail equipment. Be sure to take the preview tour!

Pacific Bus Museum
Organization of bus enthusiasts dedicated to honoring the history of bus transportation.

Southern California Scenic Railway Association
Nonprofit educational corporation dedicated to promoting public appreciation of Southern California rail history and rail safety.

Transportation and the City, Past and Present
Photo tours of the old Pacific Electric "red car" routes in Los Angeles and other lines in the region.


Automobile-Focused Organizations

Information on electric, natural gas, hybrid, vehicles and other alternative mobility systems.

Commute Smart
Information for commuters on carpools, vanpools, park/ride lots, and other resources.

DOT Intelligent Transportation Systems
Information on the U.S. Department of Transportation's alternative transportation designs and research.

Friends of Southern California's Highways
Community grass-roots organization dedicated to the rebuilding and expansion of the freeway and highway system.


Other Online Resources & Publications

@LA - Transportation
A comprehensive listing of transit-related online resources for the Los Angeles area; @LA is one of the best localized online resource databases I've found.

Light Rail Central
Information on modern North American light rail systems.

Light Rail Now!
Site with news and commentary pro-light rail transit; includes sections debunking anti-light rail myths.

National Transit Database
A collection of transit and transportation related information developed by the Federal Transit Administration.

Railway Gazette
News of the rail transit industry.

Subway Page
Links to subway systems worldwide and other transportation information resources.

Traveling Via Public Transportation
Miscellaneous resources on public transportation in North America.


Bus & Rail Fansites

Bus Rosters
History of bus equipment used by LAMTA/SCRTD/LACMTA up until 2002.

Chaffee's Buspage
Many photos of local-area buses and related paraphenalia, compiled by a student at Cal State Long Beach.

Dreamliner Bus Leasing
This bus leasing company also has a photo gallery of classic and restored transit coaches from LAMTA, RTD, and other agencies.

Kavanagh Transit Photos
Gallery of photos from transit systems worldwide.

Light Rail Photos
Images of light rail systems both locally and elsewhere.

Pacific Electric Railway Images
Photos and maps of various portions of the old Pacific Electric system.

Salaam Allah
Photo album (over 800 photos, primarily of rail, a large percentage Metro) of a self-described "West Coast Transit Photography King".

Everything train-oriented, from transit to model railroading.

Photographs of tramways, buses, subways, trolleybuses, light railways and railways (primarily European).


Transit Blogs
Because practically everyone and his brother has a blog these days, this section only includes blogs with significant transit-oriented postings and higher traffic levels (measured by the frequency of updates and number of comments). Blogs that do not allow comments from readers are excluded. Blogs outside of the Los Angeles area are included only when they have a nationwide or worldwide focus.

Blogging L.A.: Mass Transit
Updates frequently but irregularly.

Carfree USA
Updates periodically. Comments are moderated.

L.A. Can't Drive
Updates weekdays. Has a discussion forum for discussions not related to blog posts.

LAist: Transportation
Updates frequently but irregularly.

Streetsblog LA
Updates weekdays.


Humor & Miscellany

Roadkill Bill
Comic that looks at cars, technology, ecology and philosophy from the viewpoint of a frequently squashed rodent.

Traffic Cone Preservation Society
Amusing site, charting the history and evolution of those ubiquitous orange cones.



Bus Riders Union
The site of the MTA's chief opponents. Take with a grain of salt ... oh, hell, take the whole damn salt shaker!

Public Purpose
Website of Wendell Cox, well-known anti-rail "transport consultant".


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