Privacy Policies/Your California Privacy Rights

EFFECTIVE: July 17, 2005
REVISED: May 7, 2008

San Fernando Valley Transit Insider ("Transit Insider", "We" or "Us") has created this Privacy Statement to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for the Transit Insider web site ("the website").

We gather certain information that you provide to us, some passively and some actively, and we want to ensure that all users of the website are aware of exactly how and for what purpose that information is being used. Transit Insider believes that the information you provide to us is essential to your enjoyment and successful use of the website. The information we request is the minimum we believe necessary to achieve this goal.


Residents of the State of California, under a new provision of the California Civil Code, have the right to request from companies conducting business in California a list of all third parties to which the company has disclosed personally identifiable information during the preceding year for direct marketing purposes. Alternatively, the law provides that if the company has a privacy policy that gives either an Opt-out or Opt-in choice for use of your personally identifiable information by third parties (such as advertisers or affiliated companies) for marketing purposes, the company may instead provide you with information on how to exercise your disclosure choice options.

Transit Insider does not share, sell, rent, or otherwise disclose any personally identifiable information to third parties for direct marketing purposes. Therefore, we are not required to maintain or disclose a list of the third parties that received your personally identifiable information for marketing purposes during the preceding year.

Since we do not disclose personally identifiable information, it is not necessary for us to provide information on how to exercise your third party disclosure choices. If you have other questions about this Privacy Statement, please contact us using the feedback form or by writing:

San Fernando Valley Transit Insider
c/o K.M. Richards Programming Services
P.O. Box 7427
Van Nuys, CA 91409
Attn: Privacy Statement

1. What data does Transit Insider collect?
a. Certain data is automatically collected from all visitors to the website. This data includes your IP address, your computer's operating system, and the type of browser you use to surf the Internet. Your IP address tells us both your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the general geographic location you are connecting from. We may also use your IP address to track the date and time you accessed the website, how long you stayed on the website, and what pages you visited. If you have configured your browser with your e-mail address, this data may also be available to us.
b. Transit Insider makes use of cookies on its site in order to tell your browser only what the immediate previous page that you viewed was. A cookie is a file transferred from a website to the hard drive of your computer so that the website may track your activities on the website. The aforementioned cookies do not keep a full history of all pages viewed. Some third-party applications used on this site, such as visitor counters, may use cookies to avoid double-counting. Transit Insider assumes no responsibility for the use of cookies by these third-party applications.
c. To access the website, you do not have to provide any personal information. However, if you communicate with us using e-mail or the feedback form, we may use that e-mail address to send occasional notices when major changes are made to the website or important information becomes available on the website. To not receive these notices, reply to any such e-mail and request removal from the mailing list.
d. If you contact Transit Insider through the regular mail or via e-mail, Transit Insider may keep a record of that correspondence. Any personally identifiable information on your communication will not be used for a commercial or unlawful purpose.

2. How does Transit Insider use your information?
Transit Insider puts the non-personally identifiable information passively gathered whenever you visit our sites and the personal information that you voluntarily provide to several uses.
a. Your IP address is used to assist us in diagnosing problems with our server.
b. Transit Insider may use personal contact information voluntarily provided by you for the purpose of sending notices as described in paragraph 1(c).

3. What information does Transit Insider share with third parties?
None whatsoever.

4. How do I opt-out, remove, change, or modify my information?
You have the opportunity to opt-out of receiving communications from us at any time. You may do so using the feedback form or by replying to any e-mail communication from us.

5. How does Transit Insider protect the user data it collects online?
Transit Insider employs a number of physical, electronic and managerial safeguards to protect collected user data.

6. Disclaimers.
a. You should be aware that the website contains links to outside sites. Transit Insider is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such web sites.
b. Transit Insider reserves the right to change or modify this policy at any time by posting such change or modification on this page. The protection of user information is one of the guiding principals behind Transit Insider. Because of that stance, if we are using your e-mail address to send you notices, you will be notified via e-mail of any changes to the Privacy Policy regarding the way personally identifiable information is used.
c. Although the website uses information from various public agencies, such as the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), we have no official connection to any agency. It is acknowledged that the webmaster (Kymberleigh Richards) is a public official of the MTA; however, nothing on the website should be construed as being an official statement of the MTA unless specifically identified as such.

7. Contacting Transit Insider
If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, the practices of the websites, or your dealings with the website, please contact Transit Insider using the feedback form.

Transit Insider reserves the right to change this policy at any time, and users should check this page regularly for such updates. This statement and the policies outlined herein are not intended to and do not create any contractual or other legal right in or on behalf of any party.

History of the Transit Insider:
  • November 5, 1998: Established at
  • March 19, 1999: Temporarily moved to
  • May 24, 1999: Another temporary move to
  • June 29, 1999: Moved to and started counting visits (see below)
  • August 28, 2001: Moved to our own domain name at
Our counter reached 10,000 the evening of February 22, 2002.
Our counter reached 15,000 the afternoon of October 16, 2002.
Our counter reached 20,000 the evening of March 6, 2003.
Our counter reached 25,000 the afternoon of May 12, 2003. (See note below.)
Our counter reached 30,000 the evening of June 7, 2003.
Our counter reached 40,000 the evening of August 20, 2003.
Our counter reached 50,000 the afternoon of October 21, 2003.
Our counter reached 75,000 the morning of March 9, 2004.
Our counter reached 100,000 the morning of July 23, 2004.
Our counter reached 125,000 the afternoon of November 17, 2004.
Our counter reached 150,000 the evening of April 14, 2005.
Our counter reached 175,000 the evening of September 1, 2005.
Our counter reached 200,000 the morning of February 4, 2006.
Our counter reached 225,000 the afternoon of July 17, 2006.
Our counter reached 250,000 the morning of February 21, 2007. (See note #2 below.)
Our counter reached 275,000 the afternoon of May 5, 2008.
Our counter reached 300,000 the afternoon of July 20, 2010, and was retired.

NOTE: Prior to April 25, 2003 our counter tracked only visitors who entered the Transit Insider via the main (home) page. This gave an accurate count when the majority of our visitors used the "" URL, but as the number of links from other sites to pages within the site increased -- and search engines started listing our internal pages -- the counter no longer tracked visitors entering on internal pages unless they also came to the main page as well. Accordingly, on April 25, 2003 we modified the counter by placing it in the navigation frame (which always loads, regardless of which page you enter the site on) in order to display a more accurate count of our total number of visits.

NOTE #2: Starting in 2007, the counter service we were using started using "cookies" to track visitors, which caused an undercounting of regular visitors. Since we were approaching the 300,000 mark, we left the counter in place but retired it after we hit that mark on July 20, 2010. (In anticipation of the counter's retirement, we added a new service on June 29, 2010 called Flag Counter, which shows how many visitors we have had by country.)

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