Metro Connections

Metro Connections was a system-wide series of service changes to restructure Metro bus service to better serve the varying ridership needs of diverse passenger groups. Many of the proposed restructurings involved breaking long routes into smaller route segments, combining segments of lines into loop routes and other specialized routings, and realigning route terminals to facilitate transfer connections.

The following links are to pages with maps of the proposed concepts produced by the Metro San Fernando Valley staff. The concepts have been grouped together based on the interlocked nature of the proposed changes. New line numbers created as part of completed restructuring are shown in blue type. Except for two changes implemented June 26, 2006 (a minor change to Line 158 which did not require a public hearing and the creation of Line 634, which had been approved in 2005 as a proposed extension to Line 230), the Metro Connections process began with the December 17, 2006 systemwide service change date and continued in phases every six months through June 28, 2009. (There was one exception: In April, 2008, the Metro Board of Directors halted all changes in the June, 2008 service change program other than implementation of Metro Rapid service, and cancelled the December, 2008 service change program at the same time.)

Where concepts resulted in formal service change proposals, we have included maps from the public hearings on the relevant pages. Concepts that were not proposed for implementation during Metro Connections are shown on maps from the May 17, 2006 Governance Council workshop, included on the relevant pages.

Public Hearing CommentsOn individual line pages, the comment icon links to the comments received during the public hearing that included the proposal in question. This icon does not appear for any proposal that was never formally proposed for implementation.

Metro San Gabriel Valley also made changes on December 17, 2006 to two lines that it operates within the San Fernando Valley sector:

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