A transit-using fan of the Transit Insider sent us this e-mail right before the 2000 drivers' strike against the MTA. It includes a verbatim exchange between himself and the BRU. He has allowed us to include his e-mail address if anyone wishes to contact him regarding its authenticity; we think it speaks for itself.

From: cmpaley@yahoo.com
Subject: Lazy, Rude, Overpaid Bus Drivers to STRIKE!!!
Date: August 23, 2000

This morning I woke up to a very disturbing article in the LA Times.
Unfortunately, I can't link to it because that half of the article
isn't posted on their website (it's in today's Times Home Edition
(08/23/2000), page B1, above the fold).

The article basically says that the MTA's negotiations with their
overpaid, underworked, incredibly rude and lazy bus drivers aren't
going very far and that it looks like there's going to be a strike.

Where's the BRU going to be during all this?  Well, I asked them and
they wrote:

> In the past we have supported strikes by MTA employees and have walked
> picket lines with them.  The MTA is trying to mess them up as much as
> they mess up the bus passengers.  We support the rights of a worker
> to strike when conditions warrant it but we have not taken an
> official position.  From past experience, however, I imagine we would
> support their strike, just as we supported the janitors' strike and
> other labor struggles.  We know a strike is a hardship for passengers
> but if both could work together more transportation victories could
> be won for both drivers and passengers.  The main enemy is the MTA,
> though some drivers are problematic, the majority are supportive of
> our work and are helpful to passengers. I hope this is helpful.
> Martin Hernandez
> Organizer, Bus Riders Union 

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> > From: Chris Paley <cmpaley@yahoo.com>
> > To: <laborctr@igc.org>
> > Sent: Monday, July 24, 2000 2:07 PM
> > Subject: Impending MTA Bus Driver Strike
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> > As a passenger on MTA's regular bus and rail services,
> > I am concerned.  What is the LCSC/BRU/SPD's position
> > on the impending strike of MTA's Drivers and
> > Mechanics.
> >
> > Thank you for your attention and response.

As you can read, they're going to support the bus DRIVERS as opposed to
the the bus RIDERS who will be deeply, adversely, and permanently
harmed by the greed of these overpaid, nasty, cantakerous creatures
known as MTA Bus Operator.

Chris Paley aka Anti-BRU
Seeking and speaking the truth about transit in Los Angeles, in contra
to the Bus Riders Union.