Meet Kymberleigh Richards

Kymberleigh Richards photoKymberleigh Richards, webmaster of the San Fernando Valley Transit Insider, is a member of the Metro San Fernando Valley Service Council for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro), having served since its creation in 2003 (she was its Vice-Chair in 2005-06 and its Chair in 2006-07 and 2011-13). She also served for five years (2005-2010) on the Metro Citizens' Advisory Council, the state-mandated advisory body to the Metro Board of Directors, including three years as its Secretary.

Before her appointment to the Council, she served as a member of the Metro San Fernando Valley community transportation forums steering committee and had previously served as the senior Metro Passenger Advisor for the Metro as part of the pilot project in 1996 that started the program. She contributed heavily to the revision of the Authority's transit zone creation guidelines, served as a volunteer staff person during the opening weekend of Metro Red Line service to the Valley, and contributed to Metro's former Stakeholders website (including authoring the introductory post).

Kymberleigh was also involved on a free-lance basis with the public hearings, final draft, and adopted version of the San Fernando Valley Transit Restructuring Study, released in 1994, and continued an active involvement with Metro's Operations Planning and Scheduling departments during its implementation and in planning for the bus/rail interface around the opening of the Metro Red Line extension to Universal City and North Hollywood in 2000.

In addition, Kymberleigh is a frequent participant in public comment at the monthly Metro board meetings and public hearings -- her first appearance before the board came shortly after the agency was created, at a 1993 public hearing on a proposed fare increase -- and has written several transit-related op-ed articles in both the Los Angeles Times and the Daily News; her letters to the editor on transit-related issues date from 1994.

Kymberleigh is also a past President and the former Public and Legislative Affairs Director of Southern California Transit Advocates. She has also been an associate member of the California Transit Association, a statewide transit industry organization, and continues to participate in CTA's lobbying activities in Sacramento alongside representatives of transit agencies from throughout California.